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Jin Shin Fee

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Jin Shin Fee

is a traditional healing art originating in Japan.

The knowledge of Jin Shin Fee was gathered and collected by Master Jiro Murai and brought to the U.S.A. by Mary Burmeister.

Her pupils spread the knowledge of this universal healing power, innately present in one’s body, over the whole world.

The healing potential of Jin Shin Fee can be poisitvely guided and influenced to help improve the well being of oneself and others with the easy to learn steps, which Felicitas Waldeck shows and explains in her publications.

Felicitas Waldeck is convinced, that the knowledge about this useful and easy to learn healing method belongs in every home, so her mission is, to spread the knowledge about the potential and techniques of Jin Shin Fee to help people worldwide.


Discover the first steps of self-help with the finger-flows, which can be practiced nearly at any time and place:


Jin Shin Fee - Finger Instructions

Hold each finger (with the other hand) for a few minutes to receive the healing effect.


More detailed instructions for self-help and the whole context with the main Central Flow of the body and the individual organ flows are now available in Felicitas Waldeck’s publications.